Services, Contact Info & Costs

Contact Information:

Pat Thomas & Chelsea Thornton by email at [email protected]



WindyWood Publishing


Pat Thomas: Genre fiction, romance, mystery/suspense, literary memoir, poetry

Chelsea Thornton: creative non-fiction and non-fiction

Costs for Services

Rates for series edits and for returning clients are grandfathered.

Otherwise, prices for two passes vary from project to project. Writers are charged $.0125 per word based on quality of manuscript and speed of edit required. This includes a developmental edit, copy edit (and style sheet for novel or series based on decisions the writer makes and conventions applied in the manuscript) and proofread. Additional proofreaders cost $75.00.

Example: 60,000 words = from $750.00. An edit like this would final at 240 pages. This edit would involve approximately 50 dedicated working hours for two passes.

Manuscripts that require a great deal more editorial assistance and support as well as writing craft instruction could cost anywhere from $ .025 to $.040 per word. 

Formatting for print costs $100.00. Formatting for e-books $75.00.

Uploading and opening author accounts to Draft2Digital, Kindle, CreateSpace and others $50.00.

Cover designs generally $300.00 to $350.00 including graphics and design with author input/approval.

In all, these editors can take a manuscript through three edits, contract out or connect the author to a cover designer, obtain ISBN numbers set up formatting for print and e-book as well as upload book to print and e-book platforms. 

Price does not include marketing and promotion of completed books.

Turn-around time is generally 6 to 8 weeks. Shorter editing times will cost more, depending on editors' availability. 

Edits should be booked four to five months in advance. 

Payment is upon completion via PayPal or Interact payment or by personal cheque.